A judicial body will be created in Russia to resolve digital disputes

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A judicial body will be created in Russia to resolve digital disputes

Starting in 2019, a special board at the Arbitration Center at the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs will begin to deal with disputes in the field of the digital economy. The creation of the structure is due to the insufficient competence of the existing courts, the impossibility of protecting business in the context of global digitalization and the lack of the necessary legal mechanisms.

«Kommersant» informs, that the new body will be headed by the head of the working group on cryptocurrencies in the State Duma Elina Sidorenko, and the director of the legal department of the Moscow Exchange, Alexander Smirnov, will become the deputy. Now the participant is engaged in organizational matters.

The Collegium will be authorized to resolve disputes related to rights fixed in the blockchain, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, ICOs, other digital assets, rights, services, AI, robotics and other related areas..

The participants note that over the past four years, none of the 148 cases in this area have been resolved in favor of the plaintiff. At the same time, almost half of the recorded disputes are related to smart contracts and cryptocurrency. According to experts, the further spread of ICO will lead to the fact that by 2025 there will be 40 times more digital cases..

A judicial body will be created in Russia to resolve digital disputes

Elina Sidorenko believes that the existing judicial system is unable to resolve such issues due to the lack of the necessary legislative and legal norms, and cannot use digital technologies as evidence. The creation of a new structure is simply necessary to further protect the interests of the business. In addition, she notes the lack of qualified personnel in this area who are able to navigate the specifics of this area..

Earlier we reported that the sixth stream of the education program will start in November «Blockchain for lawyers».

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: cryptodime

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