A technological supercluster will be created in Moscow

A technological supercluster will be created in Moscow

The Moscow administration is developing a project for a technological supercluster that will focus scientific and industrial potential on a single platform uniting startups, universities and investors. The plan to stimulate innovation has already been supported by the President, as well as the Ministry of Economy and Industry, informs «Kommersant».

Despite the abundance of institutions and technology business, united in technoparks, complexes, clusters, they usually function separately. To enhance communication and improve the efficiency of their work, it is planned to create a unified information platform that will contribute to technological breakthroughs.

The project will be similar to the Chinese industrial park Zhongguancun. The cluster will be operated by a special fund, the council of which will include the heads of state corporations, RAS, Moscow State University, «Skolkovo», mayor of Moscow and presidential aides.

Digital Technology Supercluster: Who We Are

The cooperation is expected to help implement large projects and stimulate import substitution. However, the project does not provide for additional benefits and privileges for the participants, since there are already more than enough of them. Instead, attention will be focused on organizational and communication support: assistance in raising funds, support when working with the authorities. Exporters will be able to count on reimbursement of expenses for foreign exhibitions and concessional financing of supplies.

In parallel with the formation of a technological super cluster, the national platform Masterchain also intends to go to the next level, adding new consensus algorithms and expanding the list of participants..

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Deensel / Flickr 

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