Acting Helps Thai Resident Steal $ 24 Million

Thai police detain 27-year-old Jiratpisita Jaravijita on charges of a cryptocurrency scam, whose total check approaches $ 24 million, Bangkok Post reports.

Jiratpisit is reportedly one of seven suspects. His older brother and sister were also involved in the scam. By the way, the main character of the incident is an actor. Probably, it was this talent that allowed him to deftly deceive investors..

Acting Helps Thai Resident Steal $ 24 Million

On July 26, a criminal court issued a warrant for his arrest after a Finnish citizen complained that Jiratpisit had fraudulently obtained an investment in a cryptocurrency project. The amount transferred by the victims was equal to ฿ 797 million, almost $ 24 million. Jiratpisit was also charged with money laundering, which he denies in every possible way. According to the Bangkok Post, investors did not receive dividends from the alleged investment. Crime Department Says Criminals Withdraw BTC From Their E-Wallets And Then Convert It To Baht.

Earlier this week, South Korean police raided the Shinil Group offices, promising their investors to get hold of a Russian warship. «Dmitry Donskoy». It was flooded 113 years ago. To encourage investors to purchase the company’s cryptocurrency, project representatives promised to reimburse the costs in gold from the ship. The ship was rumored to be carrying gold belonging to the Russian Pacific Fleet. The project reportedly raised ₩ 60 billion, approximately $ 53.7 million. By the way, investors took risks without clear evidence that there was really anything of value on the ship..

Earlier we wrote about another problem: Vitalik Buterin asked the founder of Twitter to eliminate the danger posed by scam bots.

text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: Fanclub Jiratpisit / Instagram

Acting Helps Thai Resident Steal $ 24 Million

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