Amazon Textract service for processing scanned documents will replace some office workers

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Amazon Introduces New Artificial Intelligence Document Processing Product That Fully Automates Data Entry.

Textract is like advanced optical character recognition application. It not only extracts text from documents, but identifies document formats and their contents in order to process them correctly later. Therefore, the system correctly displays text taken from tables and various forms, including scans of receipts, invoices, declarations and others. As a result, the product generates structured data without requiring human intervention..

The new web service can recognize millions of pages in just a couple of hours, reducing the time and cost of data transfer and document processing. At the same time, Textract is available to customers who have no experience with machine learning technologies..

Amazon claims that the system identifies information such as names, addresses, TIN, names of organizations. This allows you to migrate data from PDFs, for example, to easily searchable spreadsheets. For large volumes of documents, the retrieved information can be used to create smart searches or loaded into databases.

Amazon Textract service for processing scanned documents will replace some office workers

So far, the product is only available to customers in several regions of the US and Ireland, but Amazon will begin expanding its reach next year. Potentially, the solution will completely eliminate manual data entry, freeing up the working time of some office workers or reducing the need for them.

As a reminder, purchases on Amazon can now be paid for with cryptocurrency.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo and video: YouTube / Amazon Web Services

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