Australia, Japan and the United States form a new economic alliance to confront China

The United States of America

Australia, Japan and the United States form a new economic alliance to confront China

Australia and Japan are teaming up with the United States of America to increase investment in infrastructure projects as part of the Indo-Pacific Economic Strategy. Country authorities are confident that this decision will be an effective response to the growing influence of China in the region.

In a joint statement dated July 31 states have announced trilateral partnerships to invest in regional projects that will build infrastructure, address development challenges, establish business ties, and promote economic growth. Nevertheless, this agreement also has opponents who believe that the Chinese regime can use the program chosen by the parties in its own interests..

Excerpt from the statement: «We share the opinion that investments should be transparent, based on open competition, sustainable and formed in accordance with international standards. Additional conditions are the use of local labor and avoidance of volatile debt obligations».

Without making any specific reference to China, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told the Chamber of Commerce that the United States wants «freedom and openness to the Indo-Pacific region», in which no country should dominate. Australian Commerce Secretary Stephen Chiobo says the partnership is not an attempt «to challenge» the Chinese regime. He added that Australia must play an active role in engaging emerging economies across the region..

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text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: Nathan Fulton, Linda Roche / DFAT

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