Australian Stock Exchange will move to blockchain by 2021

Australian Stock Exchange has recruited two technology companies to blockchain their registration, settlement and clearing systems by 2021.

Under the tripartite agreement, the implementation of the blockchain and the development of decentralized applications will be handled by VMware and Digital Asset Holding. They will also collaborate on similar blockchain projects in New Zealand and provide support for the open source DAML smart contract programming language..

The Australian Stock Exchange announced plans to transfer its activities to blockchain to increase efficiency back in 2017, but faced a six-month delay due to difficulties in product development and testing. Therefore, the dates were postponed from 2020 to April-March 2021..

The new partnership has strengthened confidence in the potential of distributed ledger technology as the process of building the new system accelerates, according to the organization’s deputy CEO Peter Hioma..

Australian Stock Exchange will move to blockchain by 2021

Recall that the UK Department of Labor and Pensions wants to use distributed ledger technology to modernize the social benefits system.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: bnn, livetradingnews

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