Blockchain was taken to the army. The technology will be applied in the Ministry of Defense

Blockchain will become a technology in service with the Ministry of Defense. With its help, they will fight against hacker attacks and other encroachments on state values..

The Ministry of Defense has begun active work on introducing new technology into its own weapons. The main purpose of the blockchain will be to detect and suppress cyberattacks. According to Alexei Malanov, an expert from Kaspersky Lab, the technology may well become a tool for detecting traces of illegal actions. All the work on implementation will lie in the eighth department, the main activity of which is the protection of state secrets.

It is noteworthy that in other countries the blockchain has long become an integral part of the work in the field of information security. According to Herman Klimenko, technology will become the main «custodian» source code that, due to the technical nature of the work, will remain out of sight of attackers.

Meanwhile, blockchain is not the only technology that is at the forefront today. Dmitry Chernyshenko, General Director «Gazprom-media», believes that in the near future all the possibilities of the technical environment can be used in the media. For example, analyzing data to provide the right content to subscribers.

Another example of progress is artificial intelligence: machines have already received the possibility of independent learning, which brings them closer to the level of human thinking every day. Complementing each other, technologies are able to give a truly revolutionary start for development.

Thus, the Department of Defense is moving forward. Probably, following the blockchain, other opportunities of modern technologies will be attracted..

Blockchain was taken to the army. The technology will be applied in the Ministry of Defense

However, there are also alternative opinions around the popular technology: Steve Wozniak believes that the hype around the blockchain — bubble sign.

text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: Ministry of Defense 

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