China to build 100-ton space station by 2022

China to build 100-ton space station by 2022

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China plans to complete construction of its own space station and start operating it by 2022.

This was announced by Zhou Jianping, the main developer of the manned space program. According to him, the projected mass of the station is 100 tons and initially it will be able to accommodate three people, but if necessary, the number of the crew can be increased in the future..

China decided to build its own spacecraft in order to be able to independently master the technologies of long-term manned flight in near-earth space and conduct long-term scientific experiments there..

The future station will become the main platform for China’s space exploration, as well as mastering technologies for the construction and operation of large objects in open space, which will help preserve the health of astronauts who spend a lot of time in orbit..

In addition to this project, the Celestial Empire is also working on the creation of the first space power plant, which it plans to launch into the stratosphere by 2025..

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: China Daily

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