Created a 3D printer to restore joints

A team of scientists from the Dutch University of Utrecht has created a 3D printer that uses stem cells, biogel and special fibers to produce biotransformation tissue that repairs the damaged joint.

The device uses a person’s own tissue to obtain the necessary elements for regeneration. However, due to the fact that living cells are very fragile, they are placed in a special gel. To maintain its shape and increase rigidity by 50 times, an elastic microfibre skeleton is created. Then the structure is placed in the damaged joint, where artificial tissue gradually restores the joint.

Created a 3D printer to restore joints

Project leader Professor Jos Malda says that cells on their own cannot heal, for this they need to mature into functional tissue, which takes time, correct chemical and biophysical signals. At the same time, the protective structure retains the structure and promotes the desired development.

The team is now working on expanding the capabilities of their 3D printer so that it can restore bone tissue or the entire joint, rather than individual parts of it. Additionally, growth factors are being studied that will accelerate the recovery process and help immediately form blood vessels from stem cells..

Recall that a prosthesis has been created with artificial skin that conveys sensations. 

text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: Just Elise / Medium — WebMD, Getty images

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