Ethereum new mining algorithm activation postponed pending audit

The Ethereum core team decided to postpone the integration of the ProgPoW algorithm, which reduces the efficiency of ASIC miners, until the end of its verification by third-party auditors.

According to the developers, the purpose of the independent verification will be to study the effectiveness of the new protocol for various types of hardware, including video cards. and asiki. ProgPoW should also fight against group mining of ether, which in the long term will provide an increase in the total number of miners and increase the competitiveness of individual participants..

This decision was made due to the fact that some team members still doubt whether the new algorithm will work successfully in practice and what impact it will have on the project. Audit data should help put an end to this issue. It is expected that the tests will be completed no earlier than March or early April this year..

Additionally, the team will collect and study user reviews about ProgPoW, their opinions will be taken into account when integrating the new algorithm. Although Ethereum core expects miners to be divided in their views, so the results will be controversial.

The developers are engaged not only in improving the existing network, but also began to form Ethereum 2.0, which is confirmed by the recently published preliminary release on GitHub version 0.1 of the future network.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: walletinvestor, cimg

Ethereum Core Devs Meeting #108 [2021-03-19]

Ethereum new mining algorithm activation postponed pending audit

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