European authorities fined Google $ 5.1 billion

European authorities fined Google $ 5.1 billion

section 63 IPC 1860, Amount of fine

EU Anti-Monopoly Committee fined Google $ 5.1 billion for abusing its power in the mobile phone market and ordered the company to change its policy.

Representatives of the tech giant said they disagree with the decision and will appeal it. Aggressive actions by the regulator can lead to huge changes in the market for Android devices. Now Google software is installed by default on 80% of all smartphones and is of great importance to the company’s business. In the EU, they believe that such initial settings do not give users a choice and are forced to use the proposed products..

European authorities fined Google $ 5.1 billion

Margaret Westerger, head of the European antitrust committee, said that Google has used Android as a means of strengthening its search engine dominance and that it effectively deprives rivals of the opportunity for innovation and competition. Adding that the amount of the fine reflects the seriousness and persistence of Google’s actions.

Although the case may drag on for many years due to the company’s plans to appeal the decision of the antimonopoly committee, during the period of litigation, the amount of the fine must be credited to the holding’s account. Regardless of the appeal, if Google does not revise its smartphone practices in the next 90 days, it faces a fine of 5% of the daily income of its parent company, Alphabet..

As a reminder, Kodak defrauded its users.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Lukasz Kobus / EC — Audiovisual Service

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