Experts: politics has a huge impact on technological development

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Experts believe that politics, of course, has a huge impact on the technological development of each state and, despite criticism, Russia is leading in some areas and is able to take leading positions in others..

BitCryptoNews contacted political scientists to find out their opinion on the current situation and the prospects for the technological development of the Russian Federation. Although their opinions differ on a number of issues, they all say that the country has enormous potential..

Alexander Asafov believes that politics certainly affects the technological development of the country. First of all, the sphere is regulated by government orders, isolationism and restrictions, which are now widely applied. Joint ventures, scientific grants can also influence.

In his opinion, criticism of Russia’s existing achievements in science and technology is unfounded, and it usually comes from competitors and enemies. Such methods are usually used in the military sphere to discredit the opponent and divert attention from his merits. The political scientist says that the Russian Federation is now the leader in the military-industrial complex, the aerospace industry, there are several breakthrough areas, but adds that there are real omissions in some areas..

Experts: politics has a huge impact on technological development

In general, the country is in a fairly good position, with the exception of cryptocurrencies. Alexander Asafov argues that politics has a direct impact on big data and blockchain, which are now increasingly talked about by government officials. As an example, he cites events related to Telegram. Among the most promising Russian technologies, Alexander singles out: aerospace, biotechnology, digitalization, big data.

Sergey Markov believes that in the technological issue the country is now strongly oriented towards the West and there is practically no open public discussion, which negatively affects development. According to him, to achieve a breakthrough, you need to stick to one of three possible options..

The first stipulates that we adopt technologies from Western countries. Another alternative would be theft, which is driven by sanctions and hybrid warfare to circumvent legal obligations. The third option, he considers the formation of a consortium with Asian countries, for example, China, which, according to some estimates, already claims to be an international technology leader..

Alexander Losev also agrees that Asian countries are now weakening US hegemony in many areas. He believes that Russia has a huge energy potential and should use it. This factor practically affects the development of many «high» technologies: aerospace, information, telecommunications, biotechnology, nanotechnology and so on. Leadership in this direction will allow us to make new scientific and technological breakthroughs, as well as strengthen the economy.

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text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: 123RF

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