Flight to Mars in 10 minutes: Cosmonautics Day at Mars Station

April 12 Yuri Gagarin  made the first orbital flyby planet earth. Flight in near-earth space lasted 1 hour 48 minutes. In 58 years, only 559 people have completed an orbital space flight. Before flying into space, you need to undergo six years of training, but you can go to Mars and return back today..

Play educational park Mars Tefo annually organizes festive events on Cosmonautics Day. This year in the mall «Riviera» to the Mars Station, anyone can become an explorer of the Red Planet, go to Mars and return back.

In the new mission to the Mars Station, the participants will have to join one of the scientific groups, each of which has its own views on the future, and determine the direction of the development of the human colony on Mars..

The Mars Tefo project is a full-size mock-up of a space station on Mars, an underwater laboratory and a lunar base. It consists of sets with operating equipment and unique scenarios. This educational project gives children the opportunity to see the future and choose a profession..

Flight to Mars in 10 minutes: Cosmonautics Day at Mars Station

Also in the program of the festive event are film screenings  films about space, a space lecture hall and quizzes, games and master classes on making a space suit from improvised means. Registration for the Space Festival at Mars Station  link.

The project is developing on a franchise basis; now the network consists of four parks. We recently wrote about other tech franchises featured at franchise shows in March.

text: Olga Kislinskaya, photo: marstefo.ru 

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