Found the first native ferroelectric

Researchers have discovered the coexistence of natural metallic and ferroelectric properties in bulk crystalline tungsten telluride at room temperature. Such van der Waals materials can be used to create a new generation of electronics with ultra-low power consumption..

In ferroelectrics, the dipole moment can repeatedly pass between two or more equivalent states or directions when an external electric field is applied. Due to this property, they have found application in RFID cards, medical ultrasonic transducers, nanoelectronic computer memory, infrared cameras, underwater sonars and other devices..

Found the first native ferroelectric

Ferroelectricity is usually observed in insulators and semiconductors, because the conduction of electrons in metals screens the resulting internal static fields. However, recently, scientists from several Australian research centers have observed for the first time a native semimetal with bistable and electrically switchable states of spontaneous polarization..

Bulk single crystal WTe2 was examined by conductive atomic force microscopy (c-AFM) to confirm its metallic behavior and piezo response force microscopy (PFM) to map polarization, detect lattice deformation due to an applied electric field.

Australian scientists are scrutinizing ferroelectric materials for their potential use in low-energy electronics. Their goal is to create ultra-low resistance electronic circuits that can be used in highly efficient nanoelectronics..

Recall that earlier researchers managed to achieve long-term stabilization of the latent state of matter, called supercrystal.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: FLEET, tass

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