GeekUniversity opens recruitment for the Faculty of Systems and Business Analytics

GeekUniversity online university launches system and business analytics faculty. Employment guaranteed at the end of the 12-month course.

In the course of training, students will master modern tools of system and business analytics, learn to work in a team using various methodologies, carry out four projects, and acquire the knowledge and competencies necessary to work in a large IT company. School knowledge is enough for admission to the faculty.

The task of a business analyst is to identify and assess business needs, make decisions to change existing processes and improve the IT system. The systems analyst formulates the requirements for the information system and describes the tasks for the developers. Since often all these roles are performed by the same person, then in order to become a sought-after specialist, you need to study in two directions at once..

Faculty teachers are practicing specialists and employees of large companies ( Group, Dynamics CRM, oDesk, VNC) with specialized education and extensive work experience.

GeekUniversity opens recruitment for the Faculty of Systems and Business Analytics

The learning process is divided into several quarters. In the first, students will learn to systematize and algorithmize data flows, consider development methodologies (Agile / Scrum / Kanban), standards, task trackers and other methods of communication between departments. In the second quarter, they will learn notations for modeling business processes, BABOK standards and modeling methodologies, master the collection and analysis of data for building and optimizing business processes.

The third quarter is devoted to programming: students will study libraries for data analysis, databases, SQL and create their own application to work with API of third-party services. In the final quarter, students will learn how to organize the development process, correctly draw up technical specifications and other documentation. They will master the principles of standardization, optimization, architecture description and integration of new solutions. Graduates will receive a certificate and certificate confirming the acquired qualifications.

Anyone can apply to GeekUniversity. Start of the first stream – November 9. Tuition is paid. You can enroll in the faculty here.

Introduction to Business Analytics (2020 Edition)

Text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: GeekUniversity

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