German Klimenko remains to work at RAKIB

Herman Klimenko, dismissed from his post as Adviser to the President on Internet Development will remain in RAKIB.

In the organization, he will continue to work as the head of the supervisory board. This was stated by the head of the organization, Yuri Pripachkin. The event that can be decisive in determining the working group will be the meeting of the supervisory board. The date of its holding was June 25.

German Klimenko remains to work at RAKIB

Recall that it was largely thanks to Herman Klimenko that the regulation of cryptocurrencies was initiated in Russia. His contribution to solving many issues related to determining the position of a new financial instrument cannot be underestimated. After resignation, Klimenko wants to engage in telemedicine.

text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: personal page of German Klimenko on Facebook  

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