Hackers paid less attention to cryptojacking in 2019

Hackers paid less attention to cryptojacking in 2019

According to Kaspersky Lab, over the current year the number of cases of hidden mining of cryptocurrencies has more than halved due to the depreciation of the monero.

The company said that despite a 13.7% increase in the total number of malicious objects, the number of infections associated with clandestine mining decreased by 59%, from 5.6 million in 2018 to 2.25 in 2019.. Nevertheless, the most active crypto Trojans are still among the twenty most dangerous threats..

Hackers paid less attention to cryptojacking in 2019

According to analysts, in general, in the past year, the number of attacks on ordinary users has noticeably decreased, but they have become more frequent. «loud» public attacks related to cryptocurrency ransomware infection. In their opinion, hackers began to abandon cryptojacking due to a decrease in its profitability against the backdrop of a fall in the monero rate..

Recently, in addition to excluding XRM from the list of trading instruments on exchanges, the market itself has become less interested in coins, since most of them are mined without the consent of the owners of computing power. However, despite the downturn, cryptojacking is still common, so users should be vigilant.

Many cybercriminals continue to work in this area and improve their tools. For example, last month Microsoft Defender ATP Research Group Announces A New Type Of Malware For Covert Cryptocurrency Mining, whose code takes control of system processes to hide its presence.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Getty Images

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