Holland transfers public services to blockchain

Government structures in the Netherlands, together with business and universities, launched dozens of national pilot projects to investigate how effectively blockchain will help increase trust in public services and make them more transparent without centralized control of data and officials..

One of the main projects is a digital identification system. In addition, the subsidy payment system, the register of real estate and cross-border transportation of toxic waste were transferred to the blockchain. On the basis of the government, 20 working groups have been established and 35 pilot projects have been launched. The program involves 5 ministries, 15 private companies and 15 universities. The coalition’s budget already exceeds $ 1 million, but the government has allocated only a quarter of the funds.

Holland transfers public services to blockchain

The Netherlands has already agreed with Canada that in 2019, citizens of both countries will be able to travel through the airports of Amsterdam and Toronto without passports. The identity will be verified using a special application on a smartphone. Dutch Schiphol Airport was the first in Europe to recently install a cryptomat offering not only bitcoin, but also ether.

The impetus for such innovations comes from Prince Constantin van Oranje, who is a proponent of progressive reforms and a proponent of blockchain, seeing him as a catalyst for change. This position of the monarch prompted many officials to consider ways to improve social systems with technology..

Recall that South Korea begins to classify crypto business.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Tweede Kamer

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