JPMorgan believes cryptocurrency will flourish

A recent analyst report from JPMorgan said cryptocurrency will flourish in the coming years and investors will not stop investing in decentralization..

The document also states that the virtual asset market will continue to be based on blockchain technology and is subject to significant fluctuations in exchange rates. According to analysts of the company, cryptocurrencies will continue to evolve due to the further development of the peer-to-peer network and the improvement of the anonymous ecosystem..

JPMorgan believes cryptocurrency will flourish

However, the data in the report do not agree with the opinion of the management. Previously, James Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan, called virtual currencies a scam, and about a week ago, the company banned the use of credit cards to buy coins..

Some experts believe that analysts’ forecast of the continued existence of virtual currencies is associated with their billion-dollar capitalization, which provides a significant margin of safety. In addition, some investors invest during downturns, which stabilizes the market. Many large players are awaiting the results of new growth in order to make a final decision on the feasibility of entering.

Recall that the R3 consortium presented new research related to the digital economy.

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