Microsoft unveils portable data center and orbital emulator

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Microsoft develops Azure Portable Modular Data Center (MDC) to connect remote regions to Internet services and cloud computing.

A portable data center consists of several containers filled with servers, computer equipment and electronic components. The larger ones are similar in size to a truck with a trailer. These blocks can be combined and customized according to your needs..

Microsoft unveils portable data center and orbital emulator

All containers are shielded to protect against radiation interference and eavesdropping, and are ruggedized to withstand harsh environments.

The mobile solution allows you to connect to the Internet directly via cable, fiber or satellite. To do this, Microsoft has signed contracts with a number of satellite companies such as SpaceX and SES. In the event of a problem, MDC systems can automatically switch between fiber optic and satellite connections, and between different satellites to maintain stable performance..

The company says the portable data center will provide full access to Azure applications with minimal latency.

In parallel, Microsoft also announced the launch of the new Azure Orbital Emulator technology. – an AI-based emulator that will allow space companies to conduct massive flight simulations of satellite groups in real time.

Microsoft unveils portable data center and orbital emulator

As a reminder, the company also launched a new supercomputer in May. to create perfect artificial intelligence.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Microsoft

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