New organic semiconductor will enable ultra-fast flexible processors

Researchers have fabricated material that could be the basis for next-generation flexible electronics.

A team of scientists from the Australian National University was able to grow an organic semiconductor, one carbon atom thick, with unique properties that make it possible to create ultra-fast electronic processors and microcircuits from it..

While conventional devices are powered by electricity, the new material makes it possible to use light and individual photons instead, which travel much faster. At the same time, it has high indicators of strength, flexibility, which allows you to give it any shape.

Semiconductor is made from only carbon and hydrogen, therefore, devices made from it can be biodegradable or easily recycled without harm to the environment.

Although the scientists themselves say that in the near future one should not expect the appearance of electronics operating on light, their research brings us one step closer to this technology. Recall that last year, engineers have already created the world’s first optical transistor with a frequency of 2 THz.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Australian National University

New organic semiconductor will enable ultra-fast flexible processors

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