On September 14, a new stream of Blockchain Lawyers’ continuing education program starts

On September 14, a new stream of Blockchain Lawyers' continuing education program starts

Experts Blockchain Lawyers announced a new stream of additional education programs that will help lawyers master the basic aspects of work in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, learn about Russian and world practices, and improve their skills and value in the labor market.

Now the government of Russia and leading countries is trying to develop legislative norms to clearly regulate the cryptoindustry. In the near future, digital assets and rights will become part of many areas of activity. Soon, issues related to cryptocurrencies will begin to arise in cases of bankruptcy, inheritance, theft, AML / CFT requirements and many others. All areas of law will be affected, therefore specialists who are competent in this area are needed.

On September 14, a new stream of Blockchain Lawyers' continuing education program starts

The fifth stream of the educational program «Legal framework and legal practices for working with cryptocurrency and blockchain projects» will be held for a month at the PRUE named after G.V. Plekhanov since September 14. In addition to the legal features of working with blockchain and virtual currencies, participants will learn about the specifics of ICO, mining, smart contracts, various regulatory approaches, drafting documents.

There are still no uniform international norms in this area, therefore the market is «blue ocean» for lawyers, and the cost of specialists who understand this area is much higher than the market average. To confirm their qualifications, students of the program will receive a state-recognized certificate.

Many central banks are changing their attitude towards virtual currencies, and the Spanish Central Bank believes that cryptocurrency can improve monetary policy.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: BFL

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