Only 34% of CIOs are not interested in blockchain

The American consulting company Gartner conducted a survey among 3,000 CIOs. As a result, it turned out that only in 34% of cases, blockchain technologies do not cause absolutely no interest, while the rest of the companies confirmed that the technology is at some stage of adaptation..

43% of the study participants answered that they are watching new solutions in this area, but so far they have not made any plans. 14% plan to implement blockchain in the long or medium term. 8% are short-term planning or actively experimenting with new technology, and only 1% of respondents have already implemented it.

According to David Fulonger, vice president of Gartner, the main challenge for heads of IT departments today is not finding and retaining qualified engineers, but adapting existing corporate systems and finding other necessary resources for the development of blockchain technologies..

CIOs working in the field of telecommunications, insurance and financial services are most interested in the use of blockchain. Less interest in new technology is shown by representatives of other industries.

We have previously published the results of a study that argued that crypto investors are driven by curiosity..

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text: Anton Kuznetsov, photo: Moose

Only 34% of CIOs are not interested in blockchain

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