Opera adds Ethereum purchase option for Android users

A new option has been added to the Opera browser for Android, allowing users to buy Ethereum (ETH) directly using the built-in crypto wallet.

This is made possible by a partnership with the regulated Swedish cryptocurrency broker Safello, which will provide fiat-to-ether conversion. It will be possible to purchase virtual currency using bank cards and through trusted payment networks. The developers claim that the operation takes less than one minute..

However, for now, the new feature is only available to the population of Norway, Denmark and Sweden..

This is because the broker will verify users purchasing virtual assets using regional identity solutions (BankID and NemID). At first, residents of Norway and Denmark will receive a 5% discount as a bonus, and Swedes 2.5%.

Opera believes that for the distribution and development of cryptocurrencies, it is important to create an infrastructure for easy purchase and easy use. In addition to the ability to purchase ether, the wallet supports  decentralized applications and tokens in ERC-20, ERC-721 format.

Facebook is also preparing innovative blockchain solutions for its users as it continues to recruit new developers from crypto startups..

Opera adds Ethereum purchase option for Android users

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Shutterstock, bitned

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