Remote villages in Kenya will be connected by air

Remote villages in Kenya will be connected by air

By 2019, Kenya plans to create full Internet coverage of remote areas of the country. For this, the country’s authorities will use balloons. The project is based on the developments of the Loon company, which will work in collaboration with Telkom Kenya.

It is noteworthy that the balloons involved in the development, according to the idea, will be equipped with solar panels, which will be able to ensure their autonomy. With their help, residents will be able to seamlessly connect to 4G. It is known that in order to create optimal conditions for signal distribution, aircraft will be placed at an altitude of 18 km above sea level. Such a situation could open up access to the network for the most remote villages, which previously had no connection to the network..

Remote villages in Kenya will be connected by air

Mike Kessedy, Project Manager for Loon, talks about how the project was implemented in New Zealand

It is noteworthy that another aspect of the need to expand the network coverage area is the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies in the country. Residents of Kenya drew attention to the new financial instrument, because, unlike the national currency, it is able to ensure the stability of funds transfers and reduce the level of commissions. With the growth of access to the network, it is planned to continue the popularization of cryptocurrencies in the regions.

Earlier we wrote that Kenyan residents will be able to buy cryptocurrency for cash. thanks to the fact that the first crypto ATM was installed in the country.

text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: Efd Initiative / Iwaria  

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