Russian schools are digitalizing

Russian schools are digitalizing

Ministry of Education is preparing a project «Digital school», the cost of which will cost about $ 8 billion. As a result, a unified information and educational environment will be created, the usual textbooks will be replaced with digital ones, and the verification of students’ work will be automated.

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The project provides for the creation of a unified information and educational environment that will unite all digital educational systems and services. The changes should affect all public secondary schools in the country. For this, all educational institutions will have access to the Internet at a speed of more than 100 Mbps. The innovation will allow you to create customized training programs, assess abilities and offer career guidance options.

By the end of 2020, it is planned to replace paper textbooks with digital versions in 11 main subjects, 40 additional and specialized ones. The integration of artificial intelligence and other algorithms will allow the system to automatically validate students’ written work. At the same time, teachers will be able to use their own unique content for teaching. During the period of illness, schoolchildren will remotely attend classes, and devices for interaction with clinics will be installed in medical rooms.

The project may face a number of obstacles in the process of its implementation. Existing digital textbooks duplicate existing ones and require changes. It will take time for teachers to master the new system, and some specialists will not be able to work with technologies because of their age category. So far, the project does not contain a detailed description of some functions and concepts, as well as a list of replacement textbooks. The Ministry of Education is finalizing the document, but, according to the current version, most of the plans should be implemented by 2025.

Russian schools are digitalizing

Recall that Russia has improved its position in the ranking of digital competitiveness.

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation

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