Samsung has developed a prototype 3nm processor

Samsung has developed a prototype 3nm processor

Samsung Announces Next-Generation Transistor Architecture Designed to Reduce Spacing for Better, Energy-Efficient Processors.

Engineers presented a multi-bridge channel field effect transistor (MBCFET) platform. Unlike the previous multilayer versions, it contains nanosheets instead of nanowires. This allows you to reduce the channel width of the module and limit the problems associated with electrostatic effects, combining the advantages of FinFET and GAAFET technologies..

At the Samsung Foundry Forum, the company announced the creation of a set of products for 3nm processors, but so far they are in the alpha v0.1 stage. At the presentation, the developers also noted that the new architecture improves the on-off behavior of the device and ensures that the operating voltage is reduced to less than 0.75 V. At the same time, the MBCFET technology is fully compatible with FinFET and does not require the use of additional tools for production..

Samsung Foundry’s New Transistor Structure: MBCFET™

Although the jump from 7nm to 3nm is a good indicator, the company says that it is not worth counting on the supply of MBCFET-based modules in the near future, as engineers still have a lot of work to do to bring them to a commercial level..

Samsung plans to launch multiple 7nm, 6nm, 5nm and 4nm processor solutions in the coming years before moving to the 3nm line..

Earlier, we also reported that scientists have made a breakthrough in the production of nanochips, which will significantly reduce their cost.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: techbang, video: YouTube / Samsung Foundry

Samsung has developed a prototype 3nm processor

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