Scientists are working to create a quantum internet

Scientists have created diamond strings with which you can «calm down» environment of the qubit and increase the data storage period to hundreds of nanoseconds. This is enough to perform operations in a quantum system..

The development of quantum computers leads to the need to combine them into local networks and the Internet, but qubits are very susceptible to the environment, even to vibrations of neighboring atoms. Therefore, the main condition for operation is to maintain the temperature at the absolute zero level (−273.15°C). For large-scale projects, creating such conditions will be very costly. In addition, new equipment is needed. It should be an atomic-sized device capable of storing quantum data and converting it into photons to travel around the network..

Scientists from Harvard and Cambridge have created diamond strings with various impurities that are 100 times thinner than a hair. However, study leader Professor Marco Loncar says they are not perfect. Some combinations improve information storage, while others are good for switching. The group used the latter option and was able to achieve a tenfold increase in memory..

Concept image of diamond strings for a quantum computer 

In the process of interacting with the string, the captured electrons become memory units and can emit beams of red light, which act as a means of transmitting information over a distance. Placed on the ends of the electrodes stretch the device, increasing the frequency of oscillation, which increases the duration of the data storage electron. In the future, the authors of the study plan to create a system that can store information for a millisecond, which will create a quantum Internet..

Recall that a material has been created that will increase the performance of batteries a hundred times..

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Seas Harvard Edu, Science photo library

Scientists are working to create a quantum internet

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