Scientists have created a supercapacitor that stretches 800%

Researchers have created a lightweight supercapacitor to power wearable electronics that continues to operate even when stretched repeatedly up to 800% of its original size.

New energy storage devices are needed to improve the technology of wearable gadgets. The main problem today is their durability and reliability. A group of scientists from Michigan State University has developed new flexible energy sources for electronics, implantable biomedical devices and surface smart systems.

Researchers have succeeded thanks to changes in the structure of the CNT supercapacitors. Instead of flat plates, they used compressed films, densely coated with carbon nanorods, reminiscent of plaid fibers, but only 10-30 microns long. This three-dimensional structure increases the overall surface area and can be easily modified..

During testing, the developed supercapacitor retained its performance and continued to operate stably after thousands of stretching and compression cycles. up to 800%. Even after stretching 300% in each direction, it still continued to function effectively. At the same time, the fleecy structure further improves the device’s ability to store and store energy..

Flexible structure supercapacitor.

Despite the unique properties of the invented CNT supercapacitor, it can be improved by adding nanoparticles of metal oxides, so the next team will continue to develop technology in this direction.

According to scientists, such sources of autonomous power supply in the future can be used in smart gadgets, artificial skin to monitor the process of wound healing, biodevices integrated into tissues and organs to detect diseases and treat.

Recall that recently researchers have made thin polymer films that conduct heat better than many metals and ceramics..

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: Michigan State University, russian.lifeboat

Scientists have created a supercapacitor that stretches 800%

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