Scientists have proven that water has several liquid states with different densities

In the course of complex experiments, a group of researchers confirmed the hypothesis that at low temperatures water can be in two liquid states with different properties.

Science has long known about a number of abnormal reactions of water to changes in physical factors, which can differ significantly from other liquids. Some of these features may be important for practical applications, but for a long time researchers could not accurately explain them due to the complexity of conducting experiments..

After 30 years, scientists from the City University of New York and Stockholm University still managed to confirm the controversial hypothesis. They proved that in addition to our usual liquid state under normal conditions, at about -63°C water can have the same shape, but in two versions: a low-density liquid at low pressure and a high-density liquid at high pressure..

The researchers note that their properties are significantly different, and the differences in density  make up 20%. According to the results of computer simulations, they can even  exist simultaneously in the form of two immiscible liquids with a clear line of separation, like water with oil.

Muse-Liquid State

Scientists have proven that water has several liquid states with different densities

According to scientists, this discovery raised a number of new questions about how each of the two options can affect the biological environment and interactions with various substances..

Recently physics made another important scientific discovery. Last month they first achieved superconductivity at room temperature.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: PxHere

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