South Korean parliament proposes to allow ICO

In September 2017, in South Korea, there was a sad event for all members of the crypto community — the government has imposed a ban on ICOs.

The rest of the regions have been out of regulation for a long time. In an attempt to get away from the bans, South Korean companies tried to find soil in Switzerland and other countries that are more loyal to the initial public offering of tokens..

South Korean parliament proposes to allow ICO

The proposal to change the regulatory framework was put forward during a meeting of the Industrial Revolution Committee of the local parliament. It talks about the need to form a target group, whose activities could become a regulator that forms security in the field of working with blockchain projects. Also during the meeting, the need for regulation of the ICO market was determined, which could prevent the outflow of finance from the country..

Earlier we wrote about easing requirements the country’s government in relation to cryptocurrencies.

South Korean parliament proposes to allow ICO

text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: Getty images, 

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