The Chinese began to develop a liquid metal robot

Chinese scientists inspired by the evil T-1000 from «Terminator», began to work on the creation of a flexible robot with liquid metal that can independently change shape under the influence of stress.

A team of researchers from China and Australia presented the first model of a small robot that moves by changing the shape of liquid gallium. Although the presented sample is completely different from the antihero from «Doomsday», but the teachings say that they have just begun to study the technology and within ten years plan to develop a full-fledged shape-shifting robot or similar to BB-8 from «Star Warrior», with freely moving domed.

So far, the device they have presented consists of a plastic wheel, a small lithium battery and a drop of metal. Under the influence of electricity, liquid gallium begins to change its center of gravity, driving the wheel. The process and force of change is controlled by tension.

The Chinese began to develop a liquid metal robot

The head of the team, professor of robotics Li Xiangpeng, does not hide that he was inspired by the T-1000 from the second part of the fantastic blockbuster. He says that after seeing the film at the age of 10, he always dreamed of creating a similar technology, but only to help people..

According to scientists, multi-layered soft robotics made of pliable material will resemble living organisms. The technology can be used for rescue operations, drug delivery to the human body, cancer detection or the creation of car wheels for electric vehicles, as well as military espionage..

The Celestial Empire never ceases to amaze with its developments. Recall that recently a representative of a Chinese research institute told  on plans to create an artificial moon, which by 2020 will begin to illuminate night streets.

text: Ilya Bauer, photo: i.ytimg, video: GBTIMES / YouTube

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