There will be 50 million smart cars on the roads in 2027

There will be 50 million smart cars on the roads in 2027

The latest research by Juniper Research points to the rapid pace of development of smart technology in the transportation sector. According to preliminary estimates, subject to the speed of popularization, by 2027 the total number of smart cars on the roads of the planet will reach 50 million.

In this case, about 25% will belong to the United States. Also, Japan and China have all the chances to be on the leaderboards. The research combined factors such as a gradual decrease in the cost of high technologies, their popularization, the desire to avoid environmentally unsafe engines, etc..

With the advent of smart cars, the number of accidents on the roads will be significantly reduced. The systems will be able to independently form the safest routes for travel, and at the same time the drivers will act as a control link. Additionally, smart systems will eliminate the risks associated with car theft.

Unfortunately, in the ranking of the countries that will be the fastest to move to the ubiquity of smart cars, Russia is far beyond the leaderboard. Despite the desire to keep up with the development of technology, the inhabitants of the country do not have a sufficient level of interest in this transition. One of the reasons for the slowdown in progress is the low level of income of the population, as well as the lack of conditions for the operation of equipment of this level..

Earlier we wrote that from 2019 the car keys will become virtual.

text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: Unsplash

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