US Crypto Exchanges Fight Over Regulation

US Cryptocurrency Exchanges Fight Over Regulation

The largest cryptocurrency exchanges will fight for the right to regulate the forms of working with cryptocurrencies. Each of the major US exchanges puts forward their legislative initiatives in parliament. 

Coinbase became one of the participants in the race. The site can use its license in order to provide customers with an appropriate level of security based on the blockchain. However, even in this case, all activities will be under the full control of the federal supervisory authorities..

Reason for initiatives from cryptocurrency exchanges — an attempt to escape the pursuit of the regulatory sphere. So, exchanges that interact closely with the crypto community are trying to provide their own rules. They will be much closer to the crypto community than proposals launched from the top of government. Coinbase said this stage is critical for the maturation of the cryptocurrency economy..

Earlier, we wrote about Coinbase entering the Japanese market.. 

text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: Unsplash

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