US regulator ready to approve Ethereum futures


The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is ready to approve the launch of Ethereum futures contracts if they meet the established requirements.

One of the officials said CoinDesk, that the agency could accept the emergence of an ether-based derivative in their jurisdiction. He added that the regulator does not make loud statements, but only considers the proposals of the exchanges, and if the product meets the requirements, then it has a good chance of entering the market.

US regulator ready to approve Ethereum futures

The official also said that the CFTC will provide answers only to specific statements of companies, but will not express its opinion on this issue..

The approval of Ethereum futures will open up the ETH market for large investors and stimulate the growth in the value of the underlying digital asset. CME and Cboe Bitcoin Futures Launch Leads to Jump course of the military-technical cooperation and contributed to the achievement of the December 2017 maximum.

US regulator ready to approve Ethereum futures

The regulator became interested in ether late last year when it officially began collecting information about the second largest digital currency and its underlying technology. In reply received 35 comments from commercial organizations, exchanges and startups. The agency also asked what impact the emergence of new cryptocurrency derivatives could have on the market..

The approval of Ethereum futures will allow the CFTC to partially regulate the spot market and fight fraud. This will further increase the attractiveness of the digital asset for investors and the degree of its potential legitimacy..

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: scratchtech

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