Vladimir Putin: “Russia cannot have its own cryptocurrency”

Vladimir Putin: 'Russia cannot have its own cryptocurrency'

Vladimir Putin during «Straight line» said that our country, like any other, in principle cannot create its own cryptocurrency, since its concept goes beyond state borders.

The President’s words speak of his recognition of the virtual currency as an international and independent instrument. He believes that the authorities need to study, analyze and apply this. Adding that the government is careful about mining.

The President also said that the Central Bank does not recognize cryptocurrency as a means of payment or accumulation due to the complete lack of collateral. However, he stated that it is necessary to closely monitor the development of technology in order to join in time, as this could potentially be used to bypass any international financial restrictions.

Recall that Elina Sidorenko at RBW spoke about the problems of cryptoeconomics.

Vladimir Putin: 'Russia cannot have its own cryptocurrency'

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: website of the President of Russia 

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