Walmart will deliver groceries using drones and blockchain

Walmart will deliver groceries using drones and blockchain

Walmart will start work to create a blockchain-based unmanned delivery service. This is the conclusion reached by experts who have studied the company’s application to the US Patent Office.

Blockchain technology is especially good at logistics. Obviously, taking advantage of this feature, the representatives of the network company Walmart decided to turn their eyes to the possibility of its application in their work. The corporation plans to create its own system of unmanned delivery service according to the statement, which was transferred to the US patent office..

The application lacks the necessary technical details to get a complete picture of the possibilities of work of this project. It is only known that the blockchain can become the basis, thanks to which the company’s information resources will receive the proper level of protection. Based on the technology, the efficiency of the delivery service will be increased (with the help of the blockchain, customers will track their parcels).

Walmart will kill two birds with one stone: the level of service will significantly increase, and the absence of intermediaries will reduce the price. Details of the transfer of delivery to unmanned vehicles were not disclosed. It is only known that at the first stage, self-driving ground vehicles will be involved..

Walmart will deliver groceries using drones and blockchain

Earlier we wrote about a patent for «smart parcels» based on the blockchain from Walmart.

text: Evgeniya Likhodey, photo: Pexels

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